Sunday, February 16, 2014
4:15 - 5:15 PM

Theo Manschreck, M.D.

Theo ManschreckMD,MPH is Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School at the Brockton Campus of the VA Boston Healthcare System. He is a senior investigator at the Harvard Commonwealth Research Center for Psychopharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Senior Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He has published over 170 research articles and reviews and four books.

Dr. Manschreck directs the Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology.  In addition to psychopharmacology, his research has focused on cognition and neurology of schizophrenia. The Laboratory was a site for the NIMH CATIE trial and the PROACTIVE trial on long-acting risperidone compared to oral atypical agents. Dr Manschreck has also worked in the NIMH Schizophrenia Trial Network. He maintains collaborations nationally and abroad.

Dr Manschreck is medical and research director at the Corrigan Mental Health Center, a Massachusetts Department of Mental Health program in Fall River, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Committee on Human Studies at Harvard Medical School.  Since 2002 he has been a consultant to the Joslin Diabetes Center where he has helped direct national educational programs on metabolic aspects of antipsychotic drug treatment.  A Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, he served as President of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society. He has received many awards, including a Fulbright Research Award (for studies of cocaine psychosis), the Massachusetts Alliance for the Mentally Ill Rothstein Award for Compassion and Dedication in the Care of the Severely Mentally Ill, and honorary degrees from Dartmouth and Brown, where he also served as professor.

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